Sophie C’est la Vie is a tattooer and artist based out of New York City. Pulling from organic references as well as hints of whimsical satire, her current work engages the individual and inspires them to look deeper into the subject matter to see more than what immediately meets the eye. 

Working as a tattooer for 10 years, Sophie has spent a decade being drawn to botanical and decorative themes that have been reflected in her tattooing. Other personal interests that have influenced Sophie’s work include oriental patterning and art, animalia, vintage and antique objects with their high crafted and ornate detailing, the cosmos and the occult. 

Sophie began creating tattoo designs of origami animals which was ignited by her admiration of patterned Japanese papers.  An attraction to the simplicity of paper and the intricacies that can be created from it brought an interest to explore creating dynamic works of paper. Through hand cut paper she transfers images of innocent and raw beauty into visual allegories balanced wth softness and occasional subtle darkness . With each piece she hopes to engage the viewer to explore the simplicity of the medium while seeing the depths of the larger story within the cuts. 

 A native Texan, Sophie currently resides and works as an artist and tattooer in  Brooklyn, New York, tattooing at Saved. She has recently launched an additional endeavor Goldfoot Brooklyn, an online specialty boutique that is a purveyor of curated vintage and worldly goods collected on her travels. 


photo by Paola and Murray