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How do I book an appointment?
Email me at  sophiecestlavie@ gmail.com. Please give me the details for your tattoo concept, specifics such as color, black and grey, size, placement etc. I require an in person consultation for all appointments that require a custom design except for when I am traveling. There is no charge for consultations but I take a $100-200  cash deposit to book the appointment at the end of the consultation.  Please do not no-show your consultation. It wastes my time as well as other clients who could have taken the slot.  I will not rebook your consult if you  no-show.

What is the deposit policy?
Deposits are nonrefundable. They are non transferable. They come off of the very last session and
I will hold them for 90 days after your most recent appointment if its session work. If you are
getting work from me while I am traveling and have session work, I require an appointment at least
every other trip I make to your city or your deposit is forfeit. if you no -show your appt, are  more
than 20 minutes late without advance notice you will forfeit your deposit. I require a 48 hour notice
for cancellations and reschedules or you will forfeit your deposit. I design what we discuss in the
consultation. If you decide you no longer want the planned artwork less than a week before the
appointment we will need to have another consultation and take a new deposit. No exceptions to
my deposit policy.

How can I pay my deposit and the cost of my tattoo
I take the deposit in cash at the consultation. If you are out of town or if I don't need you to come in for a consultation, you can pay your deposit online on my website. Payments for tattoos are made in cash only.  

Can I bring my children when i get tattooed?
For safety reasons I do not allow children at the appointment.

When will my design be ready?
I have designs ready for the appointment date. I will not email you your design in advance and
I don’t schedule time in advance for previewing. We can make any adjustments within reason
 at the appointment.

Do you charge for touch-ups?
All of my work is guaranteed. I am more than happy to touch up any work within 6 months at no
charge as long as it is not due to mishandling of the tattoo during healing by the client.

Do you tattoo hands, necks and faces?
I will not tattoo your hands, neck or face and most likely any other trendy or abnormal placement.

Please email me with any other questions you may have and I look forward to working with
you in the future! 


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